The kids are asleep for their morning nap... it is so quiet!  The pugs are sleeping blissfully on the couch next to me.  Poor things... they don't get to sleep all day anymore like they used to!

Our days at home are much the same, and all different.  Daniel, Maya and I continue to have some exciting outings, alternating with quiet days at home.  Well, nothing is actually quiet these days (except when they're asleep), but at home, anyway!  At the beginning of this week we made our first overnight trip together.  On Monday morning the three of us drove to Madison.  We had a great time staying with our dear friends Maggie and Sarah.  The kids also enjoyed meeting Mary Helen, playing with their cousin Caroline (adopted last year from China by Deanne and Susie), and dropping in unexpectedly on Fr. Brian and friends in Delavan.  We had two perfect fall days and celebrated them with a very long walk (8 miles!) through the Arboretum and driving the winding country back roads. 

Over the weekend Daniel and Maya got to meet their Lim cousins!  It was a beautiful weekend, so we got to hang out in the back yard and eat dinner at our favorite rooftop restaurant.  It was a lot of fun seeing the Lims-- the kids are growing up fast!  Daniel and Maya loved all the activity and attention.

Yesterday the kids went to the zoo for the first time.  They especially enjoyed watching the dolphins swimming back and forth in the giant underground tank.  It was cool and drizzling but that didn't seem to bother them much.  We had a good time with Jeanne and David-- David (almost 3), gave us a guided tour!

This weekend we are going to Delafield for, hopefully, some fall hiking.  I hear there might be some rain... if so, we might be hanging out at the Baymont, watching movies and trying to entertain kids and pugs!

And yes, we do spend time at home!  It's amazing how fast that time goes.  I usually start the day with a list of four or five things that I want to get done.  If I have accomplished one or two of those things by the end of the day, it's been a success!  Daniel and Maya are now going in two different directions (or the same direction, if there is an interesting toy involved), are pulling up on things (I found Maya standing in her crib for the first time last week!), crawling everywhere, and starting to experiment with feeding themselves a few finger foods.  Their personalities are more and more evident every day. I am getting a serious workout going up and down stairs multiple, multiple times a day with twenty pound, squirming weights in my arms!  Meanwhile, John is back in the groove at work.  The kids love it when he comes home, giggling and crawling up into his lap to welcome him!

Here are a few pictures from our adventures over the last couple of weeks...

Eating Breakfast with Sarah and Maggie in Madison

Cousin Caroline shares her house and toys

Dropping in on Fr. Brian Holbus and friend Francisco

Posing with David at the Brookfield Zoo

Meeting our Lim cousins, Elizabeth, Jessica, Ethan and Jake

Baby butts!

Family Portrait, pugs and all

Daniel enjoys the fall weather

Maya sitting pretty

Maya figures out this standing thing!

Daniel does his best one-tooth jack-o-lantern!

Hey, I'm getting good at this!

Bundled up for our first trip to the zoo