Hi, everyone!  I know, we've been gently reminded that we're running late on posting Limland for this month!  We've been busy but doing well-- hope you all are as well!

We started our fall with a trip "across the border" to Indiana to pick apples and play on the farm.  It seems like that was a long time ago - when it was still warm and sunny!  Daniel and Maya had a great time meeting the goats and other animals, riding the "Moo Choo", playing with the kiddy farm equipment, and picking "app-ohs!"  My niece Summer once told John that she thought Daniel and Maya took after his side of the family more because they looked like the "China people."  However, I think you will see from the "farm photos" that these two have a little of the Wisconsin farmer side of the family in them, too!

A couple of weeks ago we went to Madison for my 10 year (yes, 10 year!) medical school reunion.  It was great getting to see friends from all over the country and catching up with everyone.  Our dear friends Maggie and Sarah bravely volunteered to baby sit while we went to the reunion dinner.  We stayed at a Holiday Inn that had a pool and water slides.  The kids loved it - Maya dragged John up to the top of the big slide about 20 times.  Looks like we will have more swimming in our future!

Last weekend Mom and Dad Lim were here to visit.  Happy Birthday to Dad Lim!  We celebrated with a dinner to Yu's restaurant in Schaumburg.  Unfortunately we didn't have the camera along to capture Daniel smeared head to toe with black bean sauce and noodles.  The kids were excited to see them, and during naps we got to play mah jong.  Dad was the big winner - must be birthday luck!

Daniel and Maya are in a "rapid growth" stage right now.  Not so much physically, but saying LOTS of new things, climbing, dancing, singing, feeding themselves with a spoon.  I recently packed up their bottles and a bunch of baby toys.  I have to say, it really wasn't sad for me because they are so much fun now!  Their personalities are developing and they just make us smile all the time.  Maybe it's the calm before the "terrible twos," but it's a good time for us right now!

Here are a few photos - bye for now!

In our Cleveland Browns pajamas. (Maya wants to be a Packer fan!)

Riding the "Moo Choo" at the apple orchard

Hi, goats!

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere!

Looks like Maya's a "green" girl!

Are cows for riding?

Pitchin' hay

Future 4H-er

Checking out Mother Goose's books

Hey, check this out!

The Lim boys ate as many as they picked (we paid for it later!)

Going to the arboretum with Auntie Carrie

This face gets my parents every time!

Don't bug me - I'm just waking up!

But I'm awake!!

I love the pool!

Maya's just chillin' with the remote at the hotel

Father and son... were there Lim ancestors in Kazakhstan?

Hey, look, I'm a kitty!

Grandpa and Maya

Grandma and Daniel