Hello, friends!  Winter greetings from Limland and the frozen tundra of Chicago!  Hope these pre-holiday days are good ones for you!

We have some pictures to share from some special events over the past month.  On the Sunday after Thanksgiving we celebrated Daniel and Maya's baptism.  We felt fortunate to have both sides of the family here to celebrate with us.  The kids did well, although Maya cried when the water was poured on her head.  Daniel looked stunned and started reaching back over his head for the water.  We had a little party here at the house afterwards.  It's funny to see how the kids' personalities are different already-- Daniel is a little party animal, so all the people and activity were perfect for him!  Maya needs time and space and gets overwhelmed with too much activity, so she had a little meltdown-- but she looked pretty cute in the picture below, even with her sad face!

Our first Thanksgiving together was pretty quiet due to a snowstorm in Cleveland.  John's parents were supposed to fly in but were unable because of the weather.  Luckily they were able to catch a ride with Joaquin and family on Saturday, and we enjoyed a late Thanksgiving dinner Saturday evening.  On Thanksgiving itself we spent a deliciously lazy day together inside, except for venturing out in the evening for some turkey!

We've also enjoyed some get-togethers with old friends in the last month.  In the beginning of November we had a great visit with good friends of mine from medical school with their families.  It was fun getting to catch up with the girls and get to know their husbands and children better.  We were even treated to a gourmet meal made entirely by the guys-- life doesn't get better than that!  Last week Daniel and Maya and I also had lunch with our friends, the Schwabes.  They have twins, Sarah and Colton, who are just a little older than Daniel and Maya.  It was a lot of fun watching them play with kids their own age-- they had a great time!

It's hard to believe that the kids will be a year old in just a few weeks!  They continue to amaze us with the new things they do every day.  We still find it incredible how quickly we have become a family.  Daniel and Maya have made themselves quite at home here, and we find it difficult to remember what it was like before they were here!  Here are a few photos from the last month:

Ellen and Dad Lim help with dinnertime

Mom Lim helps Maya with the alphabet

Good friends, good food, good champagne!

Ahhh, this is what Thanksgiving is all about!

Enjoying Thanksgiving dinner-- restaurant style!

Maya and her godparents, Uncle Brian and Aunt Carrie

Daniel and his godparents, Uncle Joaquin and Aunt Debby

Hey, what's this wet stuff?

Maya takes a snooze before the ceremony begins

After the ceremony, with Fr. Larry

All right, enough is enough!

A great afternoon with the Schwabes

Even Santa's elves need a lap dog!

Hard at work, testing Santa's toys before Christmas!