Hello, everyone!  Thought we'd do the February update before the whole month gets away from us!  We hope you all are well and are getting ready for SPRING!

We are mostly getting ready for our next transition-- I will start back to work next week.  Yikes!  Where did all that time go?  At times this winter the days seemed to be stretching on kind of endlessly... now I wish that I had a few more!  I have to say, though, that I have not been climbing the walls like I thought I might have been this winter.  We have been combining winter outings, taking advantage of the mild weather, with cozy days holed up at home just playing with toys.  I've been through the phases of denial, dread, panic... and now some acceptance, I think.  I believe in doctoring and I do believe that I am meant to continue and to further my professional life.  I also have really treasured this time strictly as a mommy.  Now I get to begin the process of balancing those two worlds!

Judy, our babysitter, started this week.  We feel really good about her and the kids really like her so far.  Still, it's been a bit of a tough transition for me (ask John about the crying sessions when he gets home from work)!  It's getting better, though!  What the heck have these kids done to me??

But on to the rest of the month!  We've had some great times and super outings... even our first weekend away together with Grandma and Grandpa Jacobson bravely babysitting for kids and pugs!  At the end of January we escaped for a lovely, relaxing weekend in Door County.  We stayed at a cozy, historic inn in Bailey's Harbor, watched the sun rise over the water and went for a great hike on a nature trail on Saturday morning. It rained the rest of the weekend but that was fine, too!  We actually went out for a formal dinner.. someplace with candles and wine and no high chairs!  We sort of forgot what that was like!  We had a wonderful time but we also loved coming home and seeing those sweet little faces waiting for us!  We sure appreciated Grandma and Grandpa's help-- we think they have finally recovered!

The kids have started doing so many new things in the last month.  Here are a few of the highlights:

   -- Maya:  Walking!  She has been taking a step or two or three for several weeks, but last week she just decided that this was now her preferred mode of transportation!  I am going to attempt to include a short video clip from a few weeks ago when she started... now she is closer to running!  She may have developed this skill to escape from the brother attempting to take her toys!

               Saying her first clear, consistent word... "Dow!"  Translation:  "Down!"  No, this doesn't mean that she wants to get down.  She has heard me say this over and over again to Ollie when he jumps up on her chair to lick up crumbs while she's eating.  One day she looked at him, slapped her hand down on the tray and said it in exactly the same stern tone of voice!  Now it's her favorite word.  The funny part is that she has started to use it on Daniel when he starts to bother her or take a toy.  Same tone-- it's pretty hilarious!

                Giving big, wet, juicy kisses.  She has a good wind up, too-- she comes right up to your lips and says, "Mooowaaah!"  This is one of the ways she has wrapped her daddy around her little finger!

   --Daniel:  Taking a few steps.  Climbing is more his specialty.  How a child can't walk yet but can climb is somewhat of a mystery to me!  The day that I took down the Christmas tree, the kids were playing in the living room.  Later on, I looked over to the end table that the tree had been on and found Daniel standing on top of it and licking the bay window!  He loves to turn over any kind of box, toy bucket, you name it and try to use it as a stepstool. 

                  Playing "chase" games... whether he is the chaser or the chasee, he loves it, crawling around the dining room table and chairs laughing hysterically!

                  Eating!  This is not a new talent, but one which he perfects daily!  Daniel eats anything and everything and lots of it, impressing all those who watch the show!

So here are some photos of life in Limland over the past month:

Daniel helps Maya drive on a trip to the Children's Museum

Hey...handsome dude in the mirror!

Future rocker

Sometimes I just crack myself up!

Hey, this walking thing is fun!

Frozen Lake Michigan at Bailey's Harbor

Out for a hike on a 50 degree January day with kids and pugs!

It's a bad hair morning... give me my coffee!

John and Maya visiting "Sue" at the Field Museum

The Mohawk is making a comeback!