Hello, everyone!  Sorry we have been so late in our posting-- it's been a busy month!  We hope all of you are well!

We had a great time in February at a reunion of Illinois and Wisconsin families that have adopted from Kazakhstan.  It was so much fun to see so many adorable Kazakh kids running around together!  It was also great to catch up with some of the families that we had met last year at this time when we were just asking a million questions about adoption, Kazakhstan and people's experiences.  The Hogan family was there, who adopted Peter from Kokshetau just two weeks before we arrived.  Meg and John were the ones who were able to send us the updated pictures of Daniel and Maya last year when we couldn't wait to see more pictures of them!  It's still hard to believe that a year ago at this time Daniel and Maya were a hope, a prayer and a request on an application to us.  How our lives have changed in that time!

I now have been back at work for a little over a month.  I think everyone has made the adjustment fairly well, the kids doing it much more gracefully than their mother!  They really like Judy, who takes them to the park, the zoo, the children's museum, the library...  We really are lucky to have met her!  She truly cares about the kids and does a wonderful job.  It has made the transition much easier for all of us.

A couple of weeks ago we were initiated into parenthood even more, as we spent three days and nights with Daniel in the hospital.  He had a nasty case of the croup and was pretty sick.  We definitely didn't expect to be in the hospital for that long, but he got worse before he got better.  He was admitted to West Suburban Hospital where I did my residency... it was a little funky being on the other side of the stethoscope!  It's taken a couple of weeks but he is finally back to his usual energetic and funny self.

Both Daniel and Maya are now walking really well.  Their favorite game is "Chase Me Around the Dining Room Table."  They also love getting piggy back rides from John, dancing to their music CDs and looking at books.  Maya is starting to repeat lots of things.  Daniel tries, but it doesn't come out quite as clearly!  One of our favorites is that when we come home from work or walk into a room they both say, "Hi!"

So we are doing well here in Limland.  We're definitely ready for spring... and there are signs that it may actually be just around the corner!  Hope all of your springtime days are good ones... and hope to be in touch with you all soon!

The Kokshetau Kids... Daniel, Maya and Peter Hogan with his mom Meg

Lots of Kaz Kids!

A Wintry Chicago Afternoon

Watching the leopard at the Brookfield Zoo

That Maya look!

Piggyback Ride!

A growl, a snort, an oo-oo-ooh!  Let's play peek-a-boo at the zoo!

Papa and Maya

Nonna reads to Maya

We got to meet our Atlanta grandmothers, Nora and Patty!

Cleveland Cavalier Boys!  (These things start early!)

Daniel enjoying his lunch

Maya calls Elmo

On a good day we can share our toys... and even our toy box!