Waah! Voicemail from Tracy, our adoption coordinator. But it's so soon! Much earlier than expected! Well, I better get used to it, I suppose!

I paged Anne. She was just getting ready to make a presentation to her office staff. 'Yeah, what is it?' 'Oh. Oh! Oh my god! But it's so early! Uh, okay, well can you call back? Can you call Tracy and ask her what we need to do, where they are, if they are a boy or girl or both?' I think she was a little distracted for her presentation!

I called Tracy - it's a boy and a girl, Daniar and Nazik, born in Kokshetau on December 26 and December 31, 2004. 'We'll overnight the video and medical to you and your doctor of choice.' We already had decided to use Dr. Aronson.

How are we going to work tomorrow knowing there's a video of our possible future kids sitting on the doorstep? Hmmm, I think, I have an hour break at lunch; what if I popped in at home for a  ... 'And don't you think about sneaking home and seeing the video before me!"