Work. Come home. Anne's not home yet, hmmm ...  she'll kill me ... I'll go for a run. Anne's home! Well, let's do it! Watch the video about 10 times. Daniar is first at one month of age - Oh my god, he's so sinkit! (Phillipino for 'skinny eyed'). Oh! He's so cute! Anne the doctor -Hey! Good head control, good eye tracking, he looks very developmentally healthy! Daniar at four months - Wow! He's really cute! Not so sinkit anymore! Nazik at one month - Wow! Look at those cheeks! They're huge! Hey! She's cute too! Also very sinkit! Nazik at four months - Wow! Look at those cheeks! They're still huge! But very cute! (in our humble opinion!). And good developmental health, too; 'Anne the doctor' thinks they look healthy. I hope Dr. Aronson agrees! We receieved no pictures, though. How the heck do we email and show people at work? We'll take pictures of the TV screen - such parents already! Not so easy, I forgot TVs have scan lines and aren't REALLY a whole picture, it's just an optical illusion. Too bad Uncle Brian the professional video editor isn't here. We'll make do.


Daniel John (Currently Daniar)



Maya Magdalen Nazik (Currently Nazik)