John: Anne reminded me the other day that it was this time last year that we got news of our referral. I could hardly believe it! Looking through our entries, though, I notice that we were doing the kids' room at this time last year. My, how time flies! It's really hard to believe we ever didn't have kids! It's amazing how quickly the kids have changed, how well they adjust and adapt, and how resilient they are! With the ability to walk comes the ability to fall. With the ability to explore comes the ability to find danger. With the feelings of love comes fear of loss.

Daniel's new nickname is 'The Master of Disaster'. He has the innate ability to find the most dangerous item in his immediate surroundings, evade all blockers, and get to his target. He got a pretty bad burn to his right hand when he got past Anne, past four adults, across the lawn, around my body check to keep him from the hot grill, then dove directly onto the hot grill cover which was on the ground next to the hot grill! Ouch! Poor guy burned his hand and cried all afternoon! He's also constantly climbing, falling, tripping, and grabbing. Maya has her moments, too; she is quite the explorer, as well. She's a bit more cautious, though, and generally doesn't dive head first onto flaming hot objects. She merely trips and falls on her head, climbs on things, loses her balance, then falls on her head, runs too fast, then falls on her head. You get the idea.

I keep reminding myself that somehow we all have survived to adulthood!

Since the last posting, the kids got to roam around in the country (Mom and Dad Jacobson's back yard) for the first time, play in the sandbox for the first time, eat sand for the first time. We had a very cool reunion of Kokshetau kids. Our friend Dana came to town while visiting her Dad in Michigan and brought her boyfriend Arsim and her daughter Gracie. She adopted Gracie from the same city just a few weeks before we adopted Daniel and Maya. We had them all stay over, then invited John and Meg Hogan, who adopted Peter just before Dana adopted Gracie. We also invited Bruce and Joann who live in Oak Park, and who adopted Nicholas a few weeks before us from Karaganda. The kids all played together, ignorant to the magic of this meeting; these kids were in the same little hospital room as babies in Kokshetau, born within weeks of each other, and living together for the first six months of their lives! Now they were all reunited on the other side of the world, running around and playing in our living room! What a special day! 



              Just hangin' out at home ...


  At the Children's Museum, Daniel pays his fare to ride ...


... while Maya exits the bus 



... then explores the Waterworks  



Daniel plays with, and eats sand. Looks pretty much the same coming back out!


   The kids help out with work in the back yard.  




Maya, nature-girl!


The Kokshetau Kids!