Well, we finally got our dates! I'm ending my lunch at my office, talking to the Ambien pharaceutical reps, get a call just before I call in my patient, see it's some number from Ohio. Aaah. Telemarketer. Oh wait. Doesn't our agency have an office in Ohio? Hmmm. Take it just in case. 'Hi! It's Tracy!' 'Well, hello, Tracy, now why would you be calling me?' 'Do you have a minute?' 'I actually have two minutes!' 'I have your dates!' 'WOW! I can't believe it!' 'Finally!' 'Just quickly, you'll get a big long email from us, you'll want round trip tickets to Almaty, with changeable dates, tell them it's for an adoption and you'll have kids with you, talk to at least two travel agents ... ' Wow! I can't believe it's finally here! 

So we leave on August 1 to arrive in Almaty on August 2. We leave Almaty September 10 to return September 10. I figured I'd go back to work in two weeks. But on the other hand, everything is already set up to restart in October. I'm sure one more week would be better spent settling down the kids. Plus the first week will just all be jet lag. I'm lucky to have the choice! I'll just go back to work in October. 

Anne will take six months off. I'm sure that time will fly!

Well, better get busy making travel arrangements! Shoot. And I really wanted to put in a DVD writer for the computer, and Rob was going to help me add a blog to the web site. Oh well. Some day. 'Get used to it', so I'm told!