Another month goes by. Kids grow sooo fast! They seem to look bigger every day, and look and act differently every day! There's more chasing, but more interaction and fun. It's just fun watching them do something new all the time.

We took our first family vacation to a small lake cabin in Walhalla, MI. Nice lake, but a little crowded, and every night someone blowing off fireworks! We learned that it's what the KIDS want to do that's more important than anything. We did manage one good long hike with the kids on our kiddie backpack. Then the temp rose over 80 degrees, which is way too hot for me, so I declined any further hiking. Poor Anne. We had a few other trips and visitors, as well.

We had some very special visitors:


    Princess Tanaka visited ...                                   

... and graciously let our Maya try out her princess dress.   



Cousin Ruth visits                             Grandma and Grandpa visit                         We get to see Mollie and Lindsey



Our visit to Door County, WI to see our good friends the Lunings:

One good scalp massage deserves another! Thanks Claire and Angela for this great shot!    

Watching a great big screen TV while surrounded by nature! What could be better?


Our first family trip:

Getting ready for a hiking trip ...              

                            Daniel loved it!     


Maya - not so sure; eh, just go to sleep!           



Log cabins are cool!       I wanna be a pug! 


Great playgrounds by the marina!


C'mon! Let's play! Nice fake doggie!                           We loved the beach!                      Daniel conquers the slide!



          Wheeee! Waterslide!!!!     



      Oh yes, we had these moments, too!    



But somehow we all survived and continue our journey through life!