Sorry about the late post, we spent a lot of time with some American friends we met who are at the tail end of their adoption. Dana is from Phoenix, she's adopted Gracie, and we've had several lunches and visits with them. While taking a stroll, we ran into Tom and Jenny Cunningham, who have adopted Jack and ended up talking for over an hour. Then we invited Dana to our place for dinner, and walked her home and back. We have some pics of their kids below, but I just realized that we have no pics of them! Oh well, from now on, it's all about the kids, right?

We had a good visit today. We've come to learn that Daniel is just a bit more demanding than Maya. But we're learning his rhythm and getting used to it. We'd also like to see how he does after we get custody and can spend more than 2 hours in a day with him! I successfully changed a long sleeved onesy! Granted, I did this with Maya, who is ten times easier, but you have to walk before you run, right?

After visiting, we went to 'The Green Market'. This is a huge food market filled with merchants selling huge slabs of meats, vegetables, fruits, breads, cheeses, candies, almost anything you could want! What a sight to behold! There were whole pig heads sitting out to be sold, entire sides of pork and beef hanging, hundreds of sausages, bowls of liver, chicken feet, and whole dried/smoked fish. There were entire display cases of breads, cheeses, candies, vegetables and fruit. They're very much local people, and the merchants all seemed curious about us whenever we bought anything in English with the help of Inna. 'Ameriki?' 'Da!'

Tomorrow after our visit, we will probably go on a city tour in the afternoon with Oleg and Inna.


Hi, everyone-- hope you all are doing well!  We did have a good time at the "Green Market" today.  John had a good time picking out food and I had a good time strolling around and surreptitiously taking pictures of the local people and food.  It's a lot more colorful than the local grocery store, and we thought that was pretty colorful!  We'd definitely like to go back and check out the place some more. 

We had a really nice visit with Dana and Gracie today.  We took a long walk through the park and checked out the action, then ran into Tom, Jenny and Jack while on the return loop.  All of them are in the countdown of their final days-- they leave one week from today.  It's going to get more lonely here!

Daniel and Maya are doing well.  They're loving the outside thing.  We only get to go out for ten or fifteen minutes but it seems to be the thing that calms Daniel down in his pre-nap crankiness.  He loves looking around and checking out the trees, the birds, the wind, whatever.  Maya is just content with whatever we happen to be doing.

We miss you all--talk to you soon!

You should know who were are by now! Yes, I visited, too, but played photographer today!

There's a lot of meat to be had!

There's a lot of cheese to be had!


A local woman examines fresh meat. What to cook for dinner?


At home after the market, ready for lunch with our USSR china!

Gracie and Jack, adopted by our friends Dana and Tom/Jennie