Well today went really well. Daniel is less cranky again, and while a bit fussy and demanding, we've learn to read him and figure out what he wants much better, and when he's happy he's such a fun little guy. Maya has continued to be just great. Very rarely does she fuss, when she does, it's very clear why, she eats easily, sleeps easily, and plays and interacts when she's awake. Oh, and today she learned a new trick; we think this has allowed her to find her voice! Hopefully I can get the video to upload.

We had a longer visit of 3 1/2 hours since Oleg and Inna had to go to the airport to pick up Dana's boyfriend. Then we just told them to go home, since it's a Sunday!

We'll probably do our usual, log our day, surf a bit, read, take a walk, maybe watch a movie. Last night we watched Ocean's 12 on DVD. It was entertaining, but nothing too new to say. Oh yes, and I need to work on my speech for court on Thursday. We were told it's the MAN'S job to make an opening statement, so with me being THE MAN, I'm obligated to do the MAN'S speech. Anne will sit meekly and silently next to me, or more likely behind me, and just nod in agreement. :-)


Hi, everyone--  I don't have too much to add today!  We did have a nice, long visit with the kids-- lots of smiles, giggles and playing.  I think their favorite part is still our daily walk outside.  They're fascinated!

Today will otherwise be pretty quiet for us.  We usually take a long walk in the evenings through downtown and the main park in the city.  There is always something happening there, especially on the weekends.  We just like to people watch and check out the action.  We have watched a couple of DVDs on the laptop-- I've been enjoying the "Sex and the City" series that Carrie sent along with me.  We don't have HBO, so we haven't seen it before. She gave us 6 seasons to watch, so that should keep us occupied!  We also have a lecture series on the great world religions - we brought the series on Islam- which we haven't started watching yet.  We're both doing some pleasure reading which we don't often get to do at home.  John just finished "The Life of Pi" and I am nearly done with "Mountains Beyond Mountains" by Tracy Kidder, which is a really interesting biography about Dr. Paul Farmer.  I'm also working on some cross stitch for the kids' room.

Tomorrow will supposedly be the long-awaited trip to Lake Baraboy!  Hope all of you are well-- we miss you!


Boy, that carpeting and blanket on the ground has been key!

This book tastes great!

Yay! A happy me is a happy family!

Must ... eat ... lunch ...


Click here for Video: Maya finds her voice! (2.2 MB Quicktime)