Hi, all--  Today was the long awaited trip to Lake Burabay!  We had a great visit with the kids in the morning (both of them were very happy and giggly today), went home for a quick lunch, then left around 2pm for the lake.  The drive is about an hour and a half from Kokshetau.  We went with Dana and her boyfriend, Arsim, who flew in yesterday from Phoenix, and of course Oleg and Inna.  Lake Burabay is one of the main vacation areas in Kazakhstan, especially in this region.

The trip was fun-- it was so nice to get out of the city and smell cedar trees instead of diesel fumes.  It was a pretty quick trip, though.  We did a drive around the lake, waded a bit in the water, climbed up some of the rocks, had a picnic dinner by the lake, then came home!  I think I could use a bit more natural beauty these days!

Here are a few photos of the day-- miss you all!


I enjoyed the trip today, but it made for a long day! Nice to see some natural beauty, and to just walk around and climb on rocks. There's a chance the kids will come to us at the apartment tomorrow because the hospital is having some construction in the wing we visit. It'll be interesting to see them here in our apartment! It's been a surprisingly great thing to have laid down carpeting and a blanket in the hospital room. What a difference it makes to be able to lay them down and crawl around and play on the ground! Good for them, and easier on us! They get to reach, try to crawl, sit up, roll, all the things they should be doing instead of being stuck in a little crib. And while it's great for bonding to hold them for 2 hours, it's tiring for us, and doesn't help develop their bodies and skills.

We plan on going out to some nightclub with the whole gang tomorrow night, maybe our last night out as dinks! The night after that is the night before court, so we won't go out, then after that we'll probably get custody! Wow! I know, our lives will dramatically change! Don't you think we've been thinking that ourselves?! :-)

At Lake Burabay

Lake Burabay

John, Anne, Dana, Arsim

Kazakh Warrior

Flying Baby!

Maya Asleep

The Morning Bottle!