Hello, all!  Well, today we had an unexpected treat.  Since they are cleaning and repainting all the rooms at the hospital, we got to bring Daniel and Maya here to the apartment for two hours for our daily visit.  Dr. Vittoria told us we "shouldn't tell anyone" but we assume none of you are in personal contact with any Kazakh officials, so it should be safe!  Anyway, it was a lot of fun to have them here, and we realized how much nicer it will be than going to a little, hot room at the children's hospital every day!

Today we discovered the wonders of "Baby Einstein."  I remember one of my friends once called the Baby Einstein videos "baby opium" and now I know what she means!  The kids were ENTHRALLED!  They watched, transfixed, for about twenty minutes which is far longer than we have ever been able to hold Daniel's attention.  Daniel especially, loved the puppets and would giggle and laugh whenever they appeared.  Also, he sat up the entire time, with just a little help from John!  So we figure this will be good for his trunk development!  So we learned all about eyes, ears, noses and mouths while listening to classical music.  Who comes up with this stuff?  I wonder how long it took them to come up with the right combination and pace of images and music to keep kids totally mesmerized? 

Tonight we are going to go out with Inna, Dana and Arsim for dinner and then to a nightclub called "Brooklyn."  We figured it would be entertaining to see what the "night life" is here, and the fact that we are going relatively early on a Tuesday night will help us not to look too much like the aging, underdressed Americans that we undoubtedly will be!

Hope you all are well--


Visiting with the kids here was just great! It's just so much more pleasant to be in your own space! And it's true that Baby Einstein grabbed them like nothing we've ever done! But at least it's educational! And boy, that Daniel was reaching and grabbing for that computer as soon as we opened it! My fellow geek!

Daniel has done really well. It turns out that he just needs to be very active. If he isn't looking at something new or being played with, he'll fuss and cry. I'm told that sounds a lot like some else we know well. Is that right, Mom?

Hope I can stay awake if we go out tonight. Apparently night life here doesn't start until 1100pm. I'm usually getting ready for bed by that time. Oh well, it's our last night out without kids!

It's been very hot again here. The weather forecast says 95 or so. The thermometer outside says 27 C, which is mid 80's F. I guess it could be worse!

Court in two days! Thanks for all the words of support!!

Big Gadget Guy and Little Gadget Guy

Playing at the Apartment

Modeling Our Clothes Made by Auntie Carrie!