Hi, all--

We're enjoying another lazy afternoon listening to the rain fall in this steppe city of Kokshetau.  We are very much hoping that this will be our last day of leisure without kids.  I know, I know, all of you out there with kids are yelling, "Enjoy it! Enjoy it!"  And we are enjoying it.  But after all this time of waiting, and knowing that they are laying in a hospital room by themselves across town... well, we are just ready!  We are also ready to be done with the stress of court.  Even though we are told not to worry about it, there is this strong emotional component, just knowing that a third party is in charge of making a decision about whether or not we can be parents of these two children whom we already love dearly.  Well, at this time tomorrow we hope that we will be at the hospital dropping off presents and cake and bringing Daniel and Maya home with us!

I think we figured out that yesterday was pretty much the halfway point in our journey.  It's actually gone more quickly than I thought it would.  At least there are transitions along the way, so it's not the same thing the entire time.  We've made it through the toughest part of the transition to life in another country.  Now we will start our transition to being full time parents.  Hopefully we will feel pretty comfortable in that role by the time we make our journey back to Almaty, and finally HOME!



Not much to add. I've been practicing my little speech for court tomorrow. I'm told I'm allowed to bring a small hand written bit of notes, but it does need to come from memory. I'll have to speak sentence by sentence so they can translate. I shouldn't be too anxious about a bunch of people staring at me, since the judge will probably be shuffling papers or get so bored she'll be reading the newspaper. Mostly it will be her and the court reporter taking an opening statement.

Tomorrow will be very busy as we make our usual visit, get cribs, go to court, have a hospital going away party, then hopefully come home with them, then the big, vast unknown of full custody! Apologies in advance if we start slacking on our posts!

Dad and Kids

Maya loves to play patty-cake!

Prepare to have your face eaten!

Daniel checks out the Lim family...

...and Maya inspects the Jacobsons!

Whad'ya think of these people???