Wow! What a day! First of all, it's official! We are now parents! Whoohoo! Yipee!

Court was scheduled at 3pm, so we had our usual morning visit, then came home and had lunch. We rehearsed our lines for court, tried to stay calm, then got dressed in our best. Actually, we dressed in the ONLY dress clothes we brought! We drove to court- for painfully detailed information on the court appearance:

Click here for details of court proceedings

We were approved, and we're parents now!

We stopped back at the apartment to get changed and grab the big suitcase full of gifts. It is a tradition to give gifts to the caretakers at the hospital and have a little celebration. We stopped at the Viola store to pick up a cake for the hospital 'party' and went to the hospital. There they were: OUR kids! They were surprised to see us a second time! Dr. Natalia and the Minister of Education were there to congratulate us. We put the donation of medications and baby supplies in a separate bag since they had to be registered at the hospital to be given to the kids.  We told Dr. Natalia that the suitcase full of gifts were for the workers. We disassembled the cribs and put them in Oleg's van, grabbed OUR kids, and went off to the apartment! On the way home, I turned to Anne and asked, 'So when's the party?' She said, "I think we just had it!" 'Are you kidding? That was the party?' I shouldn't have blinked! I guess they'll open the gifts and eat cake without us! We carted the cribs into our bedroom and Oleg and I reassembled them. Anne and Inna looked after the kids in the living room. It was fun working with Oleg as a team without language to help. You can get a lot done with gestures, noises, and common sense! When I saw that the corner where we'd put one crib was filled with dirt and dust bunnies, I held an 'air vacuum cleaner' in my hands, and made a big windy, sucking sound. He got it right away. I guess those 'Carrie' (Anne's sister) charades board games we've played with the Jacobson family had a great side benefit I would have never imagined!

Everyone left, we looked down, and up looking at us: two little babies! Wow! How did those get in here! We played for a while, then fed them, ate, got them to sleep and here I am typing this little piece. No, those last 3 steps were not that easy. It's just that I think Anne can give it more justice than I can, so I'll leave that to her!  


Hi, everyone-- So how does it feel to be a parent?  I'm not sure yet-- I haven't stopped moving since we left for court!  Haven't had time to process it!  Actually, it feels great.  It was a great feeling when everyone left and the cribs were assembled, and the gifts were dropped off, and it was just OUR family!  The kids seem happy but a little disoriented.  Come to think of it, that pretty much describes us, too!

I think we did pretty well with our first going to bed bottle, diaper-change, pajama change, rock to sleep time.  All except for the feeding, only because we had a nipple dysfunction.  We hadn't really tried the bottles that we had brought from home, so the suction wasn't tight against the ring.  Long story short, there was a lot of leakage and we were all a mess by the time we were done.  We figured out the error of our ways afterwards!  This is the stuff they don't teach you in medical school. 

So now all is quiet in the Lim apartment.  We are very tired.  And we are very happy!  We are finally parents!!!!  Thank you so much to all of you who have laughed with us, cried with us and loved us through this entire process!

Our last morning visit ever! Little do they know what they're in for! Or us!

All dressed and ready for court!

Yeah! Victory is ours! Posing inside the court after our appearance.

Oleg and I disassembling the cribs from the baby hospital to bring them to the apartment.

Aaah! Now what!?