Well, those of you who continue to follow this site daily after today are diehards indeed!  We will now attempt to entertain you with tales of two new parents and the drama of our day-to-day life with two kids!

Our first night together went well, especially if you would see the layout of our bedroom!  We have these two borrowed cribs from the hospital which are metal. These are the same cribs that the kids were sleeping in at the hospital, so at least they are used to them.  They roll around a lot at night, though, so they tend to slam into the sides of the crib a lot.  This doesn't bother them, of course, but since they are about six inches from our face, we tend to wake up!  All in all it was a success, though--  the kids went down a little after 9:00 and slept until 6:30, so we were pretty pumped.

We thought we had solved the leaky bottle problem last night, but alas, the drama continues.  We brought these bottles from home and hadn't tried them out (of course, who would we try them out on?), and it seems like the seal between the nipple and the plastic ring is leaky.  We've got it down to a drip now instead of a flood (you should have seen last night-- comic and tragic!), but I think tomorrow we will still try and get some new bottles.  We also tried some cereal for the first time today.  Before this they hadn't had anything by spoon!  Maya took a little but Daniel, true to form, just thought it was a game.  We'll try again at dinner.

Other than that, the kids are now working on their second nap of the day, and maybe we'll try to take one ourselves.  See, I told you this would be thrilling!  We miss you all--

John:  Rocking Maya to sleep-- says to say hi to everyone!

I'm back! First few days will be lots of learning. But it's going fine, really. I was surprised they pretty much slept through the first night. Maya cried twice soon after falling asleep, I think she was disoriented not knowing where the heck she was anymore. Daniel slept right through the night! Seems that Daniel is a handful while awake, but is always napping and sleeping. Just like a guy, right? Maya is a piece of cake during the day, then gets scared at night or while falling asleep. Daniel was fine until about 6am, when he suddenly noticed we were there, at which point he started crying! Otherwise the only thing that woke me up was the occasional thuds, grunts, yelps, and babbling emanating from the cribs on both sides. All in all, not too bad for a first night!

The temperature has dropped suddenly to the 50's; I'm much more comfortable in this than the 90's, plus the mosquitoes seem to have almost vanished! Except for this one that keeps buzzing around and somehow evades my squashing machine. (A 6x8 in. piece of cardboard that came with the shirts I bought 2 weeks ago. It's pretty nasty - one side looks like your windshield after a long drive! A testament to its effectiveness!)

I should add since people are asking - we now have to wait for exit visas for the kids, which is a 2-3 week process. Why? We don't know why. Leaf in the stream. Our original leave date is the same - September 10! At least we get 2-3 weeks to just be with the kids and get to know them! 



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