Hopefully a nice quiet day today. We've all recovered from running through the rainstorm quite nicely, but are facing another gray, rainy day. Maybe we'll run through the rain on purpose, just for the heck of it!
It's the time I'd normally get a haircut. I'm debating whether to ask Oleg and Inna to take me to a local barber and risk it, or let it get really shaggy and messy which would get more and more irritating, especially during the long journey home. There are lots of Asians here, so probably lots of barbers used to our hard, wiry hair. I'll have to think about this.
I'm getting a LITTLE more use to the crying and screaming (it's Daniel that does this much more!). It's only been a little over a week, so maybe I'll keep getting more used to it. There's the desensitizing of the ear, and there's the training of the ear. We're getting good at recognizing 'Aaaaaah! I'm starving, I won't survive!' (thanks Angela!) cries, 'blech, I'm all wet and messy' cries, and 'hey, no one's noticing me!' cries. They sound much more distinct now than a week ago, and boy, does it help! Also we're getting better and better knowing their nap/feeding schedules and reading the little cues they give out. We're more able to get food in the bellies or settle in for a nap BEFORE being told so rudely and noisily that that's what they need!
The iPod continues to put out music, but act quirky. It's similar to the computer's behavior just before a major crash! Hopefully it'll make it just another week and a half before another major breakdown!


Since the time that John wrote his entry this morning, the sun has come out!  Real sun this time, not a teasing sun that disappears just before you are poured on!  After lunch we strapped on the kids and went out for a nice long walk.  We walked in a different direction than we normally go, so we saw some different sights.  We ended up at the train station, which is at the edge of town, then walked back.  The sun was actually so warm we had to take our jackets off at the end!  What a difference it makes.

Not much else exciting today-- did some laundry this morning and hung it on the balcony because there is actually a slight breeze.  We're getting ready to have cabbage rolls from the Viola store for dinner, which we haven't tried here yet.  The kids were actually having giggling wars earlier where they were head to head and making each other laugh.  I think they are starting to notice each other as playmates.

So that's all the big news for today!  Hope you all are well-- we're looking forward to seeing you soon!

John and Daniel in front of the Kokshetau train station

Telephone, anyone?

The Streets of Kokshetau (note the white, fluffy clouds and blue sky!)

Maya puts her foot in her mouth

Greetings, earthlings!

Eight months old today!!

Should we enter him in the Cirque du Soleil?