Well, another good day. We've felt very lucky; so far still no big problems. The kids again did great. Maya was a bit tired and got a bit fussy fighting falling asleep, but we're still learning what puts her to sleep comfortably. Otherwise, we played and had fun until they got tired, and then they fell asleep. Daniel seems to nod off pretty easily; hopefully this will continue! Today's musical selection was donated by Uncle Brian; 'Songs from the Street', a collection of modern performers remaking their own and classic Sesame Street songs. If I remember correctly, today we heard Billy Joel sing '(I Love You) Just the Way You Are' to Oscar the Grouch, 'The Letter U' by Melissa Etheridge, sung to her song 'The Way I Do', 'How Do You Do' with Lena Horn helping Grover learn to be less shy, 'I Love Trash' by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, and 'It's Not Easy Being Green' by Kermit the Frog. I think the adults had more fun than the kids!

First technical glitch today - the computer doesn't want to play DVD's! Aaaaah! I think somehow I uninstalled the DVD decoder when I was fussing with the DVD burner which I never got to work. I'm trying to download another one as I write this. I forgot how long it takes to download stuff at dial up speed - over an hour for the DVD decoder, which is 16MB. This would be a few minutes with DSL. I know, life is tough, isn't it?

Anyway, enough boring writing. Here's some more pics, and hopefully a video clip if I do this right:


Hi, all.  I don't have too much to add today.  Had a great visit with the kids again! The stains on my shirt are both drool and spit up.  I feel I am being well-initiated as a mother!  They are just so easy-going, it's amazing.  We're both biting our tongues and crossing our fingers, hoping it continues!

After our visit we picked up Dana who is here adopting her daughter, Gracie.  We went to lunch with Dana and Inna, then shopping for supplies.  We're burning through diapers like nobody's business-- we're required to bring 16 a day for the two kids.  The stores here are a little daunting--big mazes of different shops, and you can't just pick out stuff yourself, you have to ask the shopkeeper for help.  It helps a lot to have Inna with us, of course!  There is a little food store we like that is near the apartment we will be moving to on Monday-- that one I think we will be able to navigate on our own!

I hope all of you are doing well.  We love getting emails--keep 'em coming!

C'mon, already, we've been waiting all morning!

Daniel looks pretty proud that he drooled all over Mommy

John's first change of clothes. After that poopy diaper, this wasn't so bad!

Daniel with our interpreter, Inna. I know, life is tough.

Okay, I just had to do this!


Click here for Video of Daniel and Maya (3.2MB Quicktime)

That Daniel loooooves to talk!


Some of the local food offerings. Mom and Dad Lim, the food here reminds me of Philippino food. Feels like home!