Hi, everyone!  We know, we're overdue for an update!  It's been an exciting month, especially with the celebration of "Gotcha Day," the one-year anniversary of our adoption!  It's hard to believe in one way that it's already been a year.  In another way, it seems that Daniel and Maya have always been a part of our lives.

The two of them continue to grow and change at an incredible rate.  We think Daniel grows another inch every morning.  He has become very nimble at climbing (on everything), and loves trains, cars and trucks.  He loves to do puzzles and is good at turning the pieces around until they fit.  Both of them love Elmo and Sesame Street.  And for Daniel... the more activity the better!  We started a little music class this week through the park district and he danced and laughed and was quite the little charmer.  Judy tells us that he is the same at library story time.

Maya has just as much fun at these activities but is better at following directions and sitting still when she's supposed to!  Suddenly she knows so many words, even puts words together.  She also loves Elmo but is a big fan of Pooh, as well.  She can spot a picture of either one of them a mile away.  She is also a climber, especially when it comes to the playground. 

At the end of August the kids participated in their first Wenonah Block Party.  Never the wallflowers, they were right there in the middle of the dancing in the street.  They have made lots of friends here on the block-- it's been really great for them and for us!  The kids also went to their first Wisconsin State Fair (a rite of passage!) where they enjoyed all the traditional food.  We also had wonderful visits with Mom and Dad Lim, Joaquin and Ellen and the cousins-- we've loved being able to have so many visits with them over the last months.

We had a great celebration over Labor Day weekend to celebrate our "Gotcha Day."  Mom and Dad Jacobson graciously agreed to let us all descend on their house.  It turned out to be a beautiful day in the country!  As my mom said, it was great to have so many little kids running and playing in the yard again!  It was a wonderful way to celebrate this very special year in our lives.

Here are some photos from the last month...

Cousins blowing bubbles with Mom J

Look out, world-- it's the Lim Boys!

Jessie, Maya and Elizabeth

Dad Lim and Daniel read a book

Mom Lim teaches Maya to draw

Not even rain can keep us away from the State Fair!

There's nothing like your first cream puff!

Daniel would rather eat the whole box!

Maya enjoying a country summer day

Daniel loves the trains at the Botanical Gardens

Playing in the fountain

Daniel and his girlfriends at the Block Party

Maya gets into the dancing

We love playing with Judy!

Uncle Brian and Dad J. help on the swings

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Two peas in a pod

Cousin Summer gives Daniel a lift

Diving in for the piņata

Gotcha Day!  It's been an amazing year!