John: It's hard to believe we've been back for just over a week! It seems like we never left now! It's like a dream!

I want to add that the support we received upon our arrival home was unbelievable! Beside the sweet ride home in the Joaq minivan, there was lunch ready, a full refrigerator of food, and a freezer filled with prepared meals to last several days. Joaq and Ellen stuck around overnight, and got up at 2am when the kids woke up crying and hungry! Then Anne's siblings and parents came, and her parents hung out, helped a lot, and even gave us a day out! We went to the Ale House pub for that Western Burger and fries that I've been craving for a few weeks now! A burger never tasted so good! Then my parents came and stayed for a few days. Again, what a big help! They even babysat for a night so we could have a date night; our first on this continent in two months! Dinner and a movie was never so good! What a treat to be able to read a menu and speak to the waiter ourselves! Pretty much everything felt really great; our first showers and our first drive were particularly memorable!

The kids have adjusted very well. They've gotten into a pretty nice schedule, and are even sleeping pretty well! Daniel can get pretty cranky, especially when he's hungry or tired, and that seems to be about half of his day! We've adjusted well, but I think Anne has done much better than I have. Anne says I'm doing better than I think, and probably I'm doing fine. The thing is, is that Anne just looks like she's been doing this her whole life, whereas I look like I've been doing this for just a few weeks, which I guess I have! For example, if I need to change both of their clothes and diapers, when I'm done, I'm covered in sweat, look disheveled, and feel totally frustrated and exhausted. Half the times I can't figure out why I can't button a shirt or how the snaps match up to create a leg out of those amorphous flaps they call 'pants.' Already I have put Daniel's shirt on backwards, put shoes on the wrong feet and just plain given up on getting a shirt, pants, or skirt on. Anne used to point out the fact that Daniel's shirt was on backwards; now, she just switches shoes to the correct feet without saying a word. When I'm done, I HAVE to sit for a few minutes to cool down; their is crying, wailing and gnashing of teeth as the kids recover from the trauma of having their clothes and diapers changed by Dad. Anne does the same task in half the time, gets them on with the proper orientation, AND sings a happy tune while doing it! Yes, they cry and fuss for a bit while she's working on them, but shortly thereafter, everyone is happy. With a little more practice, she'll be cooking dinner with her left foot and feeding the dogs with her right toe! Maybe she's the odd one!  


It's pretty hard to believe we have been home for a whole week!  It seems both shorter and longer-- a strange sort of time warp.  The kids have adjusted really well-- they seem to be enjoying their new digs.  We don't want to speak too loudly when we say that they are both sleeping through the night every night... we're just counting ourselves lucky!

We've had our adjustments, of course.  Cloth diapers, for instance... we decided to use them for environmental reasons.  I really like them now but they took some getting used to-- and a few wet outfits until we figured them out!  The kids don't seem to mind the change, either.  We still use disposable if we go out and for overnight, but they're great for use during a normal day.  (John says he's going to keep a stash of disposables and hoard them... he also has become adept at using them, though!) The new cloth systems are pretty handy dandy... no more diaper pins!

It's been great seeing family and friends and having them meet the kids.  Both sides of the family have been really wonderful!  The kids have also met neighbors and co-workers and have been quite charming!  They've also been to church and did pretty well there.  Today we went to John's office and then my clinic to introduce them-- they were very popular!  At my clinic they were carried off and passed around and spoken to in Spanish... they looked like they had fun!  They weighed them at my clinic-- I was shocked to learn that Daniel now weighs more than Maya!  So that's where all that food is going!

The pugs and kids seem to be getting along.  Sometimes they just ignore each other.  Other times Maya especially will set her sights on one of the dogs, scoot herself over and have a stare down.  Ginger and Ollie have been really good.  Usually they let the kids pet them, but if they've had enough they just walk away or escape upstairs to their bed.  They seem to have forgiven us for leaving them for six weeks, and have taken up their usual spots around the house.  They do look at us sometimes as if to ask when these two other creatures will be leaving... but I think they're beginning to get the idea!

So all in all I think we're adjusting to our new "normal"... whatever that is!

The boys help at the airport

Sisters-in-laws can sure be a big help!

The new family is complete!


Anne's family visits







The Lim Grandparents visit               

'Aunt' Pat comes to say hello

 A few too many Millers at Lambeau! Good thing the Browns won! :-)

Ollie, what is it?!

Ginger ponders her new life

'We love the exersaucer!' And so do our parents! 

... and we love taking walks!

Daniel loves tech ...



... and fine women!