Well, all is well in Limland! The water is running, the sun is shining, and we had a nice short walk! We learned yesterday after our LONG walk, that if the kids don't get their afternoon nap, we all pay the price! They were REALLY CRANKY all evening! We learned to budget time for those naps by cutting our walk short, and making sure we get back in time. Hope it helps!

We have plans tonight to have dinner at the Rainbow, and have invited the other couple who just arrived yesterday. It'll be nice to speak English to some new people! We're pretty sure we have seen their daughter-to-be several times during our visits at the hospital before we took our kids home.

Thanks for all the info regarding the disaster in the south, especially New Orleans. We've been reading the news and looking at a few pictures via the internet, and are stunned at what we have read and seen. The videos and the reality must be even worse! We're praying for everyone there, and for any friends and family that have been affected.

On a happier note, I'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to my mom! Sorry we're not there with you, but we look forward to seeing you soon!


Hello, all--

Well, a week from tomorrow we leave for home!  We are here in Kokshetau only until Wednesday, when we will fly to Almaty for a couple of days of business, paperwork, doctors and embassies.  I think we are definitely past the worst of our doldrums and are enjoying our last days here.

As John said, we've been trying to keep up with the news from the States via our slow Internet connection.  We're not able to see many photos, but the reports themselves are so very sad.  It's strange to hear about it all from so far away.  We are keeping the people in the South in our hearts.

We hope that all of you are well.  We really appreciate the emails and news and love sent from all of you!  We also appreciate all of you that have been so faithful to this website!  We have found our own lives more interesting and entertaining because of you!


Young students gather for second day of school. Well dressed, aren't they?

Kids' paintings from the first day of school

Happy Daniel = Happy Parents

Hi Mom!

Our dream - kids playing quietly together!