It's been a busy week here in Limland.  The good news is that we are now completely unpacked and can walk through the entryway again!  It's good feeling-- seems more settled.  We're getting into a routine most days and trying to mix it up on other days!  The kids continue to sleep through the night for about eleven hours (how great is that?) and are eating like there is no tomorrow.  They even like their veggies!

Today we had our first doctor's visit with Dr. Jessen.  Daniel and Maya did well, even with their three shots.  Tomorrow we get to go for a blood draw at the hospital.  It was fun to be back at the Family Practice Center where I spent three years during residency.  We caught up with old friends and got to show off our cuties!  Dr. Jessen recommended that we talk a lot to them to catch up their verbal skills.  "Read anything... the newspaper, a novel, it doesn't matter what it is."  So tonight after dinner John read Maya the Cleveland sports off the Internet, and I read them some pages out of Adventure magazine.  Neither one seemed very interested!  Maya did show off her crawling, though, which she has just mastered on hands and knees in the last couple of days.

This weekend we visited the Jacobson clan in Wisconsin.  We spent some nice days with my parents, siblings, grandmothers, aunts and uncles.  The kids absolutely loved it.  The more attention the better!!  Mom and Dad agreed to baby sit so we could go out for an anniversary dinner on Saturday night in Milwaukee.  We really enjoyed the meal and the time together at the Coquette Cafe.  It was nice for me to be out in the country, although the rain didn't let us get out much.  My sister Debby and I did take all five of our kids out for a walk and ended up getting poured on (I know, flashbacks to Kazakhstan)!  We had fun, though-- Maya was even kicking and giggling!  See, I think there are still Amazon rain forest hikes in our future...

A final vision to depart with... although I legally became a mother about a month ago, I was officially initiated last week.  It was a warm, humid day, so we laid the kids down for a nap in nothing but a diaper.  When I heard them wake up and start talking to themselves, I went in to find my son, who is apparently a budding mad artist.  He had taken off his diaper and smeared the contents all over himself, the sheets, the bed... even flicked a bit on the floor.  John was conveniently out for a run at the time and Maya looked on from her crib with curiosity.  Daniel looked pretty proud of himself.  Everyone has asked me if I took a picture... no, I was too busy trying to carry him at arm's length to the bathtub without getting full of it myself!  Ahh, the joys of motherhood!

John:  Is currently crashed out on the couch along with the pugs...

Maya in her exersaucer hideout!

Maya meets Uncle Brian

The Cousins!  Daniel, Summer, Ava, Sydney, Maya

Maya shows her new dress to Great Grandma Papineau

Everyone had fun on our visit with Great Grandma Jacobson

Dinner tastes better with Grandma!

The Daniels!

Cousin Summer is a great helper!

Great Aunt Marlene and Maya

Uncle Carl stops by for a visit!

I love the bath... do I!

Picnicking in the park with our friend David