Ok, it's my worst fear come true! I'm home alone with kids and pugs while Anne is off to an awards ceremony for her boss! Barring a significant change in the next hour, I will tell her this: the good news is that no one died or suffered serious bodily harm, and I didn't feel like killing myself or go running out of the house screaming. I did, however, feel like I've been through one of Dante's levels of hell.  When I heard them awake from their nap, I got them out of their cribs, of course I had to change them both; I tried to honor Anne's commitment to the environment by using the cloth diapers, and I've done this before. But with Maya HAVING to fight, wiggle, and roll off her back, I just couldn't get the holder, the fresh cloth diaper, and the paper liner together long enough to close the darn flaps on the holder in one piece! I whipped the darn thing across the room, and shouted something like 'darn it!' 'rats!', or 'doggone this cloth diaper!' Ginger went scurrying upstairs, scared for her life.

**What is that incessant licking sound? Oh, Maya just spit up, and Ollie is licking it up for me! How lovely! Thanks Ollie!**

Anyway, I went for a good ol' 'modern' diaper and found Anne had just bought a bag of environmentally friendly chlorine free diapers. I ripped open the package, pulled out a diaper, and couldn't tell which was front or back, or how the flaps worked! No smiling cartoon face or animal to give me a clue! Of course, I put it on the wrong way no matter how I tried, and when I pulled on the tab, the whole thing ripped off! I sent that flying across the room, again saying 'darn it'.  I grabbed another diaper, finally figured it out, and got it on Maya despite her wiggling and fighting. I changed Daniel without much incident, but knew that I had to feed both, so I wasn't home free. I carried them one at a time to the kitchen and strapped them to their high chairs. I had the foresight to pre-prepare their cereal and formula, and had arranged their seating, so I was set and ready to go! I started shoveling food into their mouths with little incident, but with the usual sloppy mess. Well, half way through their cereal, I noticed I forgot to put their bibs on, and their clothes were all covered in food! I thought, I guess I could change them, but that would be another adventure I just couldn't take! I said to Maya, ' I guess Mom won't be leaving us alone very often, huh?' And I guess that's probably a good thing for everyone involved!

Oh, to follow up on the doctor visit. The blood draws didn't go as well. Lots of screaming and crying from both since they had to get so much blood for all the recommended adoption labs. Daniel was not a good bleeder. He had to get stuck three times and eventually filled the tubes by scooping blood that trickled out from pricking his heel and finger tip! Ouch! Funny thing is, he used to cry as hard when his bottle was empty and in between each spoon full of cereal, only not as long, of course!

Mom's gone! Entertain us!

Maya likes to crawl up slowly to the pugs. When she's nice and close, she'll lurch forward and shout 'Ha!' as loud as she can.

Pugs seek shelter on my lap