Today was my first day as a full-time mom on my own at home.  John started back to work seeing patients today.  The kids and I had a good time and all went pretty well... a little crazy toward the end!  I just wanted to write down a few random musings from our first day together.

We went for a great walk after the kids' morning nap.  Two kids, two pugs, one mom... lots of amused looks!  The pugs have learned the routine, though, and now know not to cross in front of the stroller so they're not run over!  We went to the park first and Daniel and Maya went on the swings for the first time.  They loved it!  Every time they swung forward, they laughed and giggled and just looked elated!  It's such a contrast from our first meeting... I love seeing the color in their faces, watching them look at the trees and the sky, being so joyful at something as simple as a swing. 

After our walk the kids went down for a short nap.  I kept working on the piles of laundry.  I'm still so grateful for the washing machine and dryer each time I put a load in... but the amount has certainly seemed to multiply!  In our garden I noticed a ripe tomato, a couple of nice peppers, and pulled up several beautiful carrots.  I'm still a country girl at heart-- I still get such a kick out of that.  Plus, between the drought and the city critters, not much survived in our garden this summer... so it was nice to at least get a little taste!

John worked late tonight, trying to fit in some of the patients needing evening appointments.  The kids really needed baths and were getting cranky.  While I put one in the bath chair, I sat on the toilet and fed the other one.  Then I switched.  It was somewhere in the midst of this that John came home.  In the bedroom, he discovered two naughty pugs that had dragged a disposable diaper out of the garbage can and were in the midst of tearing it up.  Give me a break!  We finally got the kids to bed and I wandered downstairs to see what I could reheat for dinner to go along with the garden veggies.  At that moment, the doorbell rang and our neighbor's sister, who is a caterer, brought us a tray of homemade spinach cannelloni that just needed to be heated up!  What a great surprise!

So all in all, I think we did well, although I am completely exhausted.  I have such respect for all moms everywhere!

That's us... a perfect pair!

Daniel and Maya check out their new toys

The Remains of the Day

Even Ginger is exhausted!