Dan Jacobson and Nancy Papineau Jacobson

Married on August 17, 1968

They met in Waterford, Wisconsin, where Dan's family was selling pickles, and Nancy's family was buying. The rest is history.


Dan was born in Waterford, Wisconsin, and has spent his whole life there. He taught math at Muskego High School for 34 years (!!) and 'retired' about six years ago. 'Retired' is in parenthesis because he continues to substitute teach 3-4 days per week and works regularly at the Wisconsin State Fair Park throughout the summer.



Uncle Carl, Aunt Marlene, and Dan on the family farm


Nancy was born in the Chicago area and lived in Cicero until she was 5 years old. She moved to the Burlington, Wisconsin area, and has been a science and religion teacher at Catholic Central High School for many years. Catholic Central High School was formerly known as St. Mary's High School, both Dan and Nancy's alma mater.


Young Nancy and her mom Millie at their home in Cicero


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