Juan Lim and Elsie Veloso Lim

Married on June 29, 1962

Juan came to the United States in 1962 armed with $50 and an MD degree from the University of Santo Tomas. He trained to be a Cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and had a full career there before retiring in 1992. Back then, I am told, their salary was 'very little', they had to take overnight call every other night, and they read their own blood counts by analyzing their own blood samples drawn, of course, by them, AND rumor has it, walked to the hospital and back, uphill ... both ways!

Elsie came to the United States several months later armed with a college degree in Home Economics/Nutrition, a letter of promise and a plane ticket from Juan. She became a full-time homemaker, raising two happy and healthy sons - no easy task, believe me! She had to keep the house and family in order while Juan was walking back and forth from the hospital uphill ... both ways!

Dad looks a bit like James Dean with his hot girlfriend in this picture dated June 8, 1962.

Uncle Felix's shadow is in the foreground taking the picture.


The young Lim Family on Christmas, 1969 while living in Toronto, Canada.


The Lim Family at John and Anne's wedding, 1999.


Juan and Elsie, kids, and grandkids. My, how we've grown!


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